Anker vs Jackery – Best Portable Power Station | Full Comparison

Anker vs Jackery - Best Portable Power Station_Full Comparison

We compared Anker vs Jackery to see which is the best portable power station. 

Both are great for road trips, camping, and emergencies. But which is best?

These solar generators can power your phone, laptop, tablet, and CPAP during a blackout. They can also power your camera and drone outdoors on a weekend getaway. However, there are pros and cons for each. 

Use our comparison table and buyer's guide below to decide which is best for you!

Anker vs Jackery - Full Review and Comparison

We compared the Jackery Explorer 240 vs Anker 521 Powerhouse to see which is the best; the winner might surprise you. 



Key Features

Additional Info

Anker vs Jackery

-240wh capacity

-Can power 4 devices at once

-2 USB ports

-3 ways to charge (including solar)

-3.5 hour charge


Anker vs Jackery

256wh capacity

-Can power 6 devices at once

-3 ways to charge (including solar)

-1.5 hour charge


Jackery Explorer 240 - Best-Seller and Most Positive Reviews

The Jackery Explorer 240 is a best-seller on Amazon and recently won the "Best Portable Power Station for use in the outdoors" by Digital Trends. 

Its lightweight and portability set it apart. At only 6.6lbs, it is the lightest portable power station on the market. Additionally, it provides tons of capacity (240wh) and can power 4 devices at once. 

Our readers love using it outdoors when camping or at home during emergencies. Its rugged design, versatility, and budget-friendly price make it a best-seller. 

Check out all of the positive reviews on Amazon!

What's In the Box

  • Jackery Explorer 240 portable power station,
  • AC adapter
  • Car charger cable
  • User Guide

Battery Capacity and Power

The Jackery Explorer 240 has enough capacity to power all your essentials while on-the-go or at home!

  • Its 240wh capacity can power your phone, tablet, laptop, lights, fan, drone, camera, TV, CPAP machine, etc. 
  • The pure sine wave inverter and lithium-ion battery pack provides peace of mind knowing your family is safe and protected at all times. 

Port Selection and Performance

The port selection and performance offer a great value for the price. 

  • It has 2 USB ports and a large 500W AC outlet to accommodate multiple devices. 
  • Plus, the display screen is simple and easy to read. 

Portability - Weight and Size

The Jackery Explorer 240 is currently the lightest portable power station on the market!

  • At only 6.6lbs, it is easy to carry and take on a camping trip or move to different rooms of the house during a blackout. 
  • It is 45% lighter than the Anker Powerhouse 521, so it wins out on portability in the Anker vs. Jackery debate.
Jackery is only 6.6lbs - Anker vs Jackery

Combo Pack with Solar Panels

You can also buy a combo pack that comes with a solar panel for 100% clean energy!

Amazon offers great deals on this bundle, and customers have left great reviews! 


Lastly, the unit charges pretty quickly so it is always ready to use. 

  • It can charge in 3.5 hours through a standard wall outlet.
  • Using a car outlet will take 5 hours so is a great option for road trips.
  • Or you can get 100% clean energy by using the Jackery SolarSaga panel in under 6 hours!

Jackery Explorer 240 - Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Popular brand
  • Tons of positive reviews
  • Slightly less power & ports

Anker 521 Powerhouse - Extra Power and More Ports

The Anker 521 Powerhouse has 256wh and 6 ports to power your devices. Plus, it has super-fast charging at just 1.5 hours using the USB-C port. 

It is rugged and durable and can be used indoors or outdoors. Plus, it has LifePO4 batteries and is built to last over 10 years!

The power-saving mode and drop-proof design make it great for camping or emergencies. Check it out! 

What's In the Box

  • Anker 521 Portable Power Station 
  • DC adapter 
  • Car charging cable
  • Welcome guide

Battery Capacity and Power

Anker has slightly more battery capacity and power than Jackery. It has 256wh compared to just 240wh. While that won’t make much of a difference in what you can power ( both units only support small devices and appliances), it always helps to have extra power and capacity.

Plus, Anker has a power saving mode and LifePO4 batteries that are built to last over a decade.

Port Selection and Performance

The upgraded port selection is where Anker really shines. Not only does it have 6 ports, including 2 AC outlets, 3 USB ports, and a car outlet.

One of the USB ports is a USB-C port for extra convenience. 

Portability - Weight and Size

Jackery beats Anker in weight and size. The Anker 521 Powerhouse is 3lbs heavier than the Jackery Explorer 240.

Jackery is known for its lightweight, easy to carry portable power stations. They are among the lightest in the industry and are beneficial when on the road or at home.

However, a pro about the Anker model is that it has a large light bar that produces warm LED light. Great for an emergency or while camping outdoors. 

Combo Pack with Solar Panels

You can also grab a combo pack with solar panels for a clean solar generator powered by renewable energy. Check it out!

Charging Time

Finally, the quick charging time is a huge plus for Anker! The Anker 521 Powerhouse can charge in 1.5 hours when using the USB-C and complementary adapter.

Anker 521 Powerhouse - Pros and Cons

  • 256wh capacity
  • 6 ports - including USB-C
  • Long lasting batteries
  • Slightly heavier

Which is Better - Anker vs Jackery?

In our opinion, Jackery is better because it is lighter and has much better customer reviews. Although Anker has slightly more capacity and ports, Jackery is the more trusted brand and does a better job meeting consumer’s needs.

Anker has a lot of interesting features such as power saving mode, a light bar, and LifePO4 batteries. However, when comparing Anker vs Jackery, you have to consider Anker’s track record of success.

Although Anker has been in business since 2012 and started selling portable power stations in 2015, Jackery’s product have better reviews and have won more industry awards.

Our readers trust the Jackery brand and like that they offer a multitude of different units to suite different needs. 

Alternatives with More Power

Both the Jackery 240 and Anker 521 have limitations on the devices they can power. They are only made for small devices and appliances. For instance, you can’t use them to power a refrigerator, space heater, microwave, or coffee maker.

However, there are plenty of alternatives that can power larger appliances and devices.

1. Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro

Power 99% of your home's appliances with 2160Wh and 8 outlets. Can support 8 devices at once. 

Ideal for outdoor off-grid activities, RVs and vans, or home backup power.

2. Anker Powerhouse 767 and 760 Expansion Battery

Scale up your power with the Anker Powerhouse 767 and 760 Expansion battery to get 4096wh and power up to 12 devices at once!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does Anker last?

Anker lasts 3,000 cycles which translates to roughly over 10 years. 

2. Is Jackery the best brand?

Jackery is one of the top brands in the industry and is known for producing reliable, lightweight solar generators. However, in our opinion, the best brand for portable power stations is EcoFlow or Bluetti.

3. Are Jackery power stations worth it?

Yes, Jackery power stations are worth the peace of mind they bring knowing you will always have power during an outage, emergency, or outdoor trip.

You can purchase larger Jackery units to power your home, including your refrigerator, AC, heater, and other large appliances and devices.

4. What does pass-through charging mean?

Pass-through charging means that the portable power station can be charged while using it. Both Anker and Jackery support pass-through charging. 

5. Why should I buy a portable power station?

People buy portable power stations to be self-reliant, live off-grid, save money on their electricity bill, or to use clean renewable energy from the sun.

Each person will have to decide if buying a portable power station makes sense for them and their goals.

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