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Pursuit Of The Sustainable, Smart City

Smart phones have not only taken over the sphere of mobile technology but also that of personal computers in general, as increasingly we are shopping, researching and communicating from the palm of our hands. Now smart homes and smart offices are being whispered about as we strive for quicker, more efficient, and more sustainable technology. […]

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The Smart City: Using Technology To Reduce Congestion In London

Imagine a city with no traffic at all. You wouldn’t have to get up at 6.30 and skip breakfast. You wouldn’t have to shave or put on your make-up while you sit in an hour and a half of traffic, hoping that there won’t be any further unexpected delays. Instead you roll out of bed […]

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Environmental Points To Consider When Choosing A New Smartphone

eco smartphone

As someone who is interested in being as “green” as possible, you have probably wondered how smartphones impact the environment. Unfortunately, smartphones are not always great for our Earth. People are notorious for replacing their smartphones before they have worn out. While some may be donated, many phones end up in the landfill. In addition, cell […]

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Urbanisation’s Impact On Evolution: Can Smart Planning Lead To Its Reversal?


It all started with a moth Anyone who remembers the case of the peppered moth from high school biology probably won’t be surprised to hear that human activity can impact a species’ evolution. For those who missed it or are otherwise in need of a refresher, the story harkens back to the early days of […]

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How Smart Companies Are Turning Sustainability Into Profitability

sustainability into profitability

Sustainability has become profitable. A case is point is healthy grocery chain Whole Foods, which pending the outcome of anti-trust hearings stands to become Amazon’s latest acquisition for a record $13.7 billion. Whole Foods is one of nine billion-dollar companies in the sustainability space, joined by eco-friendly innovators such as Tesla, Chipotle and Natura, as […]

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Considerations When Selecting Student Smart Cards


Using student smart cards in an educational establishment, such as a university or college, can be a very efficient system and allow the university or college to run as smoothly possible; but there is a lot to consider before you invest and implement a smart card system throughout a student campus. If you’re looking to […]

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C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group – Example Of Smart Cities

Since the industrial revolution cities have been growing exponentially through the process of urbanisation. Today more than half of the global population dwells in cities and by 2050 the number will be closer to 80%, with most of this new growth coming from developing countries. Amidst the increasing growth in urbanisation and city development an […]

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The Future of Production: A Comprehensive Guide to Sustainable Manufacturing

sustainable manufacturing

In an era marked by heightened environmental awareness, the traditional manufacturing sector stands at a crossroads. Historically, manufacturing processes have been significant contributors to environmental degradation, marked by excessive energy consumption, reliance on fossil fuels, and substantial waste generation. This traditional approach not only strains our planet’s natural resources but also poses risks to public […]

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Intelligent Features Transforming Solar-Powered Street Lighting Systems

solar powered street lighting

In today’s world, street lighting is essential for safety and navigation after dark. However, traditional street lights are energy-intensive, contribute to high electricity costs, and have a significant carbon footprint. As cities and businesses strive for sustainability, the need for an eco-friendly, cost-effective lighting solution becomes increasingly urgent. Imagine streets and public spaces plunged into […]

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Energy Saving Gadgets For The Home And Office


Reducing your carbon footprint and making the world a more sustainable place starts with the choices you make at home and in the office.  Fortunately, there are a lot of inexpensive and easy to use energy saving gadgets for the home and office that reduce our impact on the environment.  Below are several energy saving gadgets for […]

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