10 Ideas For Company Christmas Parties


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so when it comes to this time of year, it’s parties galore. In terms of ideas for company Christmas parties, there’s plenty to be getting on with if you want to make this year something special for your valued staff.

Sometimes company Christmas parties get repetitive, although some do stand the test of time. After all, everyone enjoys a good meal! But what about mixing things up a little bit? If this sounds like it has your company’s name written all over it, here’s our top 10 ideas for company Christmas parties.

1. Theme the party


Now, the obvious theme for your Christmas party is, uh, Christmas. But that’s not what we’re saying.

Give your Christmas party the edge by choosing a theme, meaning everyone is on the same page when it comes what to wear, and it’s all a bit of fun. It could be winter wonderland, or even Alice in Wonderland. We’ve got a soft spot for the 1920s, though. Imagine a The Great Gatsby Christmas party. Wow.

2. Turn up in style


If the theme doesn’t exude as much style as you hoped (if so, you obviously didn’t go with the 1920s theme), worry not. You could arrange for your staff to be chauffeured to the venue of the party. A Christmas chauffeur is a pretty great idea if you want to give your guests something to remember – and something out of the ordinary.

Company parties in the London area are in luck if hiring a chauffeur looks like an investment. Belgravia Chauffeurs are offering a 20% discount on all Christmas chauffeuring from 10th December right until 31st December, offering a luxurious and safe arrival to the venue. All staff are together and, most importantly, they’ll be happy too.

3. Hire something new


Want to give the party that extra sparkle? Hire something guests will not be used to seeing, like acrobats, circus professionals, fire-eaters, stilt-walkers or dancers. It’ll provide a spectacle while dining and post-dining and it will certainly entertain.

4. Go somewhere unique


Most corporate Christmas parties are held in hotels or banquet rooms. They’re lovely and they are always a joy, but what if your company pushed the boat out a bit?

You could take your guests to a castle for the Christmas party, or even on a boat cruise. If that’s a bit too extravagant, the option of hiring a bowling lane for the evening is another great idea. It’s all about the team spirit, so choose somewhere you think your staff will fit best.

5. Open up the guest list


Some company Christmas parties are really private events and strictly staff are invited – no families. Well, it might be a good idea to change that and open up the guest list.

If you really want a bonding and loving atmosphere at your Christmas party, you should let your staff invite their families. It means that they get to spend time together and with each others’ families as well as allowing for those who might have to cover the cost of childcare no longer having to do so.

Don’t be bah humbug with your guest list this year.

6. Create something for staff to take away


The mark of a good company is how it treats its staff. Really treat your staff well this Christmas by giving them something to take away from the party. This could well be in the form of a gift bag. We’re not saying an Oscars-like gift bag where every item is worth the price of a semi-detached house, but a thoughtful one that’s not too shabby.

If numbers allow it, you could even personalise the gift bags and make them extra special. If not, the thought really is what counts. Give your guests a present and they’ll be happy enough by the end of the night.

7. Carry out a Christmas quiz


If you want to spice up the evening, you should carry out a Christmas quiz at the party. It’s an activity for your staff to participate in and means that there’s probably going to be a reduction in alcohol consumption as the tables huddle around trying to figure out what Madonna’s first UK number one was, like in Bridget Jones.

8. Hire a photo booth


No party is complete without a photo booth these days. They’re fun, efficient and part and parcel of modern life. You should hire one straight away for the party if you want to keep guests entertained and if you want their Facebooks to be filled with party photos the following day.

9. Take guests to a ‘class’ beforehand


A unique activity before or after the staple meal at the Christmas party is a good idea – and one that isn’t used too often. If you’re a small group of staff, this idea is perfect and instead of purchasing a photo booth or fire-eaters, heading to a mock class beforehand is a good idea.

Whether it’s cocktail making, perfume creating or chocolate making/devouring, staff always have a good laugh at these classes. Plus it’ll be memories made all thanks to your company.

10. Do your bit for charity


Companies usually get a soft spot in people’s hearts when they help out charities. If there’s quite a few on the guest list, one way to give back to charity is by holding a raffle.

Get a great prize, like a spa weekend away for two, to raffle for your staff and send all of the ticket proceeds to a charity of your choice. If you want to make the affair more intimate, you could ask staff to vote for a charity and donate it to the most popular.

Happy company Christmas partying!

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